Monday, January 21, 2013

Scripture Subway Art Photo Prints

Looking for a little inspiration in your life?

Psalms 34:18 really speaks to my heart. It reminds me that no matter how alone and broken I feel the Lord is close to me. Know someone like me? Then this would make the perfect gift for them! Know a few people like me? That's great! You buy this digital print once and you can print as many copies as you like to give away to all the people like me in your life.

The Romans 12:9 Love Subway Art Photo Print was inspired by some struggles I have been going through right now to love a difficult person in my life (Read more back story). This verse reminds me what love really is. It is sincere. It hates the evil/wrong but holds tightly to that which is good in the person or situation going on at that moment.

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